Samathwa Projects


SAMATHWA KIDDIE COVE is a child development project of Samathwa, where samathwa gives children an opportunity to enjoy, learn, perform - a whole day in a well prepared environment. The aim of this project is to make aware the parents of child, their kid's interests, abilities etc. and to make parents a better decition regarding their child's education. Samathwa is implementing this project by associating with LSGs of various rural areas of Kerala....Read More

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    Mahila Bharathi

    Every educated woman can run her house well and make it a paradise on earth .Every educated woman can think well about her future and her aim in life and then choose the appropriate subject which will be useful to her throughout the life. In a democratic system the position of women is equal with that of men .Nowadays women are also conscious about their rights and obligations....Read More

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    Women are the indispensible part of a society. Their education influence the coming generation .The development of future generation mainly depends upon the education of women section .So the education of women is realized to be the most essential part for the development of the society. It can help every woman to educate their children to be good manager of the family as well as the active member of the society. The children learn their manners and behavior at home and mostly mothers are responsible for cultivating good behavior in their children....Read More