Samathwa Projects


Women are the indispensible part of a society. Their education influence the coming generation .The development of future generation mainly depends upon the education of women section .So the education of women is realized to be the most essential part for the development of the society. It can help every woman to educate their children to be good manager of the family as well as the active member of the society. The children learn their manners and behavior at home and mostly mothers are responsible for cultivating good behavior in their children.

Educationists are of the opinion that mother is the first educator of the child. From birth to school age the home environment and association of other members of the family plays a significant role in developing proper attitudes among them. But the influence of mother on the child is much more important .She is responsible for upbringing and development .Most of the time a child lives in contact with the mother and is influenced and affected by her. Therefore it is very necessary that a mother is imbued with good qualities and acts as a guide .Thus the education of women is of great importance in our national and social life.

A truly educated mother can very easily retrieve the minds of her children from fears, prejudices and superstition in which they may be entangled. She can train a child's mind and keep him away from undesirable company and wrong notions .So the importance of women education is certainly great .Women plays a very significant role in developing human resources, improving household affairs in molding character of children.

By understanding these all factors and considering the importance of developing the worthy citizens for the nation, SAMATHWA decided to pave the way, by educating mothers and to make them understand "Being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation", for a healthy and worthy community.